Organically grown!

HoneyCrunch® Organic is currently grown exclusively in Germany. The conversion of plots in our French orchards to organic agriculture began in 2020. The conversion period for perennial crops, like the apple, is three years. The first harvest of French HoneyCrunch® Organic will thus be in 2023.

HoneyCrunch® Organic will be certified by the French Agriculture Biologique label and the European Union organic label. This guarantees that we do not use any artificial substances and our production methods observe the label specifications.

An organic apple like no other



The Honeycrisp variety is developed at the University of Minnesota in the United States in 1974…



…and arrives at orchards in Anjou, France, in 1994.


International launch

In November 2000, HoneyCrunch® is launched on the European market. It quickly establishes an international reputation in over 25 countries in Europe and further afield.


The one millionth tree is planted!

European orchards offer unrivalled supply.


Conversion of HoneyCrunch® orchards into HoneyCrunch® Organic


First harvest and launch of HoneyCrunch® Organic

Quality in abundance

Certified “Organic Agriculture” (AB) by the French Agriculture Biologique label and the European Union organic label

The first club variety

Available in Europe from the start of September.

A short production cycle

The last to flower and the first for harvesting!

Bursting with taste

Flavoursome, juicy and refreshing, HoneyCrunch® offers the perfect balance between sweet and tangy.

A superb texture

Its firm, but not over-dense flesh.

Excellent longevity

These apples keep extremely well and are ready for consumption from harvest in September until April.

An exceptional appearance!

Beautifully round, HoneyCrunch® apples have a two-tone red colour on a cream background when ripe.

Natural resistance

Natural resistance to major diseases and orchard pests (e.g. scab, aphids, etc.)

Our Organic packing

Tray 4 fruits

Tray 6 fruits

Platter 50×30

Platter 60×40